Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Switcher Multiview Preview workaround

Updated: Jun 2

On last Friday Blackmagic Design has announced a new, small, 4 channel HDMI switcher :

Looks. Very. Promising.


Because you will be able to preview a single source in the same time (there is no multiview preview option at the moment) on Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Mini Switcher I thought some people needs a workaround for this cheap mixer / switcher.

I bet, this device will be very popular.

Also I don’t know (yet) if Blackmagic Design is planning to add a multiview feature of their new device, or they already maxed out this little box.

Let’s see what you’ll need (and probably you already have some of these gears):

First workaround:

You’ll have to find:

  • one Decimator DMON-QUAD

  • up to 4 BMD Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI

  • up to 4 SDI cables (from BMD Micro Converter’s SDI out to Decimator DMON-QUAD’s SDI in)

  • up to 4 HDMI cables (from BMD Micro Converter’s HDMI out to ATEM Mini HDMI in)

  • one preview monitor (like Lilliput’s A7 )


in this case you’ll have SDI and HDMI inputs as well for each channel


+£600 a bit expensive solution for a £300 switcher

Second workaround:

Probably you have some old Atomos device on your shelf, like Atomos NINJA2, Atomos NINJA Blade or similar with HDMI IN and HDMI OUT connectors. If so then this will be a cheap and useful solution.

What you’ll need:

  • up to 4 Atomos device

  • up to 4 HDMI cables


You will be able to record and monitor the sources separately


Display resolution / quality is low

Lack of 50p/60p recording in 1080p

Of course the above mentioned limitations are not true, if you have an (or some) Atomos NINJA V, but in this case this solution will be more expensive than others.

Third workaround:

  • up to 4 small 5" or 7" monitors, like Lilliput’s A7 with HDMI IN and HDMI OUT (HDMI Loopthrough) connectors

  • up to 4 Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripodsup to 4 short HDMI cables


You can see nice, full HD image from each source


These addition gear’s cost around £500

Please do not forget, you only have two options for outputs: 1. Program on HDMI OUT & USB-C 2. Program on USB-C, Preview on HDMI OUT


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